Golf Story

Math or golf?

No matter how long you've experienced, golf lovers have many troubles to deal with.
What do they want from golf?


Most of the products on the market provide simply numerical data, which is described in a way that normal people can't understand.
It makes golf difficult for beginners and even for professionals who has longer career.
The data is good, and I think I hit it well, but the flight path isn't what I've expected...

I'm sure you've been there.

Despite those problems, there's no way to check the reason why the ball flies against my expectation,

It's a downside of numerical data that only shows the numerical results.
The ordinary people has no idea to know how they have gotten those results.

K-divot is the world's first simulator that visualizes physical divots after swings, allowing users to see the process of swing and results at the same time.

Surely, it can lessen the worries of many golfers.

Chunk shot - Topball - Shank - Fade - Draw - Straight - Slice - Hook - Reduced Distance

The state-of-the-art technology of K-Divot provides not only the visual divot shapes data, but also the numerical data

which makes users to understand at a glance.
Chunk shot is a trouble that professional golfers can't avoid. 
Now you can test your swing with K-Divot and begin your new journey that you have never experienced before.

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