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  • KT1120


    Model : K-Divot KT1120

    Spec : GPU RTX 2060 / Ram 16G / Power 700W / SSD 120GB

    Camera : 120 ~ 1000 fps 4EA

    Components : Swing zone+ extendable front stand+  Side camera stand+ 19inch tilt monitor + proximity sensor switch box + AC power cable Ball feeder

    size : 2100 x 300 x 1600 mm.

    Key function

    Physical Visualization Technology of Divots


    After impact, Divot was analyzed to identify the structure of straight, droop, fade, and back ground, to check swing posture through 2D and 3D images, and to continuously practice hitting with grass that is generated indefinitely.

    Maintain distance between the ball and the user


    In order to maintain the distance between the golfer and the ball at all times during the impact, we marked it with the reference line and the number so that it can be hit around the club face.

    Club Track Measurement


    In-Out trajectory through chronic slice bottles and club heads is captured and analyzed with a high-speed camera to show images and images to help correct swing posture.

    ball speed measurement


    Fast recognition of balls and clubs allows you to start swinging without waiting, and the high-speed camera captures and analyzes the ball's flying speed.

    club speed measurement


    The club head's speed was measured and visualized to show the potential distance of the golfer.

    Face Angle Measurement


    The high-speed camera captures and analyzes the opening and closing angles of the club face with images and numbers This is because the impact off the center of the face causes the ball to lose speed.

    Measurement of the launch angle of the ball


    For the first time in the world, an angulator is built into the screen, so it is visually expressed by measuring the flying angle of the ball after impact.

    Measurement of ball trajectory and distance


    It is filmed and analyzed with a super high-speed camera to show the direction, trajectory, and distance of the ball in images and numbers.

    Comparison of swing posture with me and pro


    Select the swing position of the desired professional golfer to compare and analyze it with overlapping images. (Optimized for Lessons)



    It provides a user-centered, at-a-glance interface to create visual comfort for practice or lessons.

    Monitor tilt system


    Monitor up and down, tilt system, front and rear angle adjustable and optimized for user-centered and lessons.

    Swing Zone Shock Relief Device


    The health of the golfer was considered by fitting a showbar to relieve the impact on the wrist or shoulder during the swing.

    Voice guidance


    If the ball and club are recognized without looking at the screen, you can follow the voice prompts to start the swing.

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